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The Community Program Center Advisory Committee (CPCAC) serves The Telecommunications Board of Northern Kentucky in an advisory capacity with regard to the management, operation, and promotion of the public and educational access television services, programming and facilities of the Community Program Center and Northern Kentucky Community TV.

Originally created in 1998 to oversee the development of the Community Program Center's Policy and Procedures Manual, the Community Program Center Advisory Committee continues to meet on a quarterly basis (or more frequently, if needed) to monitor the progress of the classes, services and facilities offered for use by the public, and to help address any concerns of the CPC producers. The Advisory Committee offers input into new technology, facilities and classes. The CPCAC also reviews and makes recommendations regarding any revisions to CPC Policies and Operational Procedures Manual, and conducts any hearings of appeals, regarding any producer disciplinary actions.

The CPCAC is generally comprised of producers and volunteer members of the CPC and Northern Kentucky Community TV with varied experience and background in local community programming, as well as community representatives. This includes representatives of local community organizations, schools, public service groups, and local residents who have demonstrated experience in producing, directing, and/or development of educational and local community programming. Such CPCAC members are appointed by the TBNK board and serve one year terms. CPCAC members may apply for re-appointment each year. The Board selects members of the Community Program Center Advisory Committee on the basis of each candidate’s willingness to serve, expertise, experience, and qualifications.

The current Vice President of the TBNK can also attend these meetings as a voting member of the CPCAC and to serve as a liaison between the CPCAC and the Telecommunications Board of Northern Kentucky.
While advisory in nature, the opinions and input of the CPCAC, due to their experience in local community television and the use of the CPC facilities, are requested by the TBNK Board members and the management of the CPC, as valued advice to consider in administrative and policy decisions regarding Community Program Center operations at the TBNK.

The Mission of the Community Program Center (CPC) is to provide to individuals, organizations, agencies, institutions, and groups from participating communities in Kenton County the facilities, training and equipment necessary to produce quality television programs which are responsive to their interests, issues, and needs.

The CPCAC meets on the 4th Wednesday of the 2nd month of each quarter at 6:00 p.m. at the TBNK/CPC Studio, 3414 Decoursey Avenue, Covington, KY 41015

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