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Spectrum channel 185
Cincinnati Bell channel 821

The TBNK, is the home of Northern Kentucky Community TV. The TBNK provides this local grass roots community television studio as a place where our local residents and organizations can produce professional television programming about interests and issues for Northern Kentucky.

The use of the editing stations, the studio, and the field equipment is free. The airtime and training are also free.

It’s TV for our community…by our community; programs that are created by people and organizations in our community, and that are aired on our own local community channel.

Residents, organizations and agencies of our member cities receive full use of our facilities. By investing together, our member communities have benefited from economy of scale, to form a larger, better equipped and better staffed production facility than any one entity could otherwise afford.

Documentaries, election coverage, talk shows, kids shows, community history, tours and travel shows, educational, cultural, arts and entertainment shows, parades, events, sports coverage, and numerous church programs are just some of the types of shows that have been, and can be, produced at the CPC.

Hours of Operation
Monday through Friday
Office: 9:00am - 5:00pm
Master Control: 1:00pm - 9:00pm

Contact Us
P: 859-261-1300
F: 859-655-2872

3414 Decoursey Ave.
Covington, KY 41015

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